Hello, my name is Doug Rue, with Freshwater Land Holding Co Ltd. I was raised on a farm and I know Saskatchewan farmland. I also have the investors available to pay premium price with a quick turn-a-round.

I know the thought of selling your farm or a portion of your property might seem scary at first, but let me reassure you that the process is not complicated. It really is as simple as a visit to the property, an assessment of the land and existing structures, and an offer that is both fair and clearly defined. Once the offer is accepted, the sale goes to closing.

“I take great pride in what I do and make a personal promise to all of my farmers to be accessible before, during, and after the sale to insure the transaction is executed as promised.” -Doug Rue

A Few Good Reasons

  1. Farmland is in a bull market and you can get a good price today!
  2. Opportunity to lease back the land and continue farming.
  3. Access needed capital for expansion.
  4. Retirement capital.

Steps to Selling Your Farmland

  1. Schedule a meeting with me to assess your property.
  2. I will make you a fair, clear, defined offer.
  3. The sale will go to closing.

Seller Success Stories

Hear first hand from people that have sold farmland in Saskatchewan through Doug Rue at Freshwater Land Holding Co Ltd.


This reference is related to my dealing with Doug in the sale of my 160 acres of farm land in the RM of Emerald which encompasses the hamlets of Wishart Sask. and Bankend Sask. Doug, heard my land was for sale and made me an acceptable offer. He then proceeded to follow up on the offer with a proposal to sell the land within 30 days and the proposal was acceptable to my lawyer and me.The land was sold and the deal went through and the money was deposited in my bank.

This was all done in a professional and business like manner. Following the transaction Doug called to see if all was well .My experience was certainly satisfactory and as a result I would recommend Doug as a sales person.

Henry Dayday Wishart

RM of Emerald


Dear Doug,
I would like to thank you, and your company, for all the help you have given my family and I. You have helped us in all areas for buying and then selling land in Saskatchewan.

You have been very clear, transparent and honest in your dealing with us and got us a fair price when we purchased and also when we decided to sell. All your hard work is much appreciated and I wish you much success in the future.

Amrik Hothi, Manjit Hothi, Jas Hothi, Munjot Hothi

Amrik Hothi, Manjit Hothi


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